The Expedition to Climb Mustagata

A video diary of the journey

Days 1-8Days 9-16Days 17-24

Expedition Day 17
I trek from Camp Two (6,008 m) to Camp Three. The altitude is really starting to affect me. If i make it to Camp Three, will I have enough energy to try for the summit tomorrow?
Expedition Day 18
Camp 3 at 6,800 m is very cold. I just didn't sleep well last night so I'm pretty tired. I try for the summit anyway. On the way I become a little delirious and decide to turn back.
Expedition Day 19
Tired and defeated I move from Camp 3 to Camp 2. I check the status of the other members of the expedition.
Expedition Day 20
I'm at Camp Two today to rest, eat and try to restore my strength. Whiteout conditions. A member of our group is seriously ill and must be evacuated.
Expedition Day 21
Weather breaks today, perfect to try for Camp 3. I almost got lost last night when I went to the bathroom.
Expedition Day 22
This is my last chance for a summit attempt. Conditions are perfect and I feel strong. I think I can make it.
Expedition Day 23
Today is a mega-descent, from Camp Three to Base Camp in one day. Camps One, Two and Three are being dismantled. Check out my face...I'm fried!
Expedition Day 24-25
We load the gear from Base Camp and head back to Kashgar via bus. I also interview some of our expedition members. Closing thoughts and then I'm off to climb another mountain.