The Climber - Chris Coban


  • Cris' first "climb at age 3 (to an underground glacier in the Carpathian Mountains, remnant from the last Ice Age). From age 3 to 20 Cris hiked/climbed virtually all peaks of the Carpathian Mountains.
  • Once Cris turned three, his father took him along in his field work through some of the most inaccessible, unspoiled and rugged mountainous terrain, thus lighting a fire that hs burned ever since.
  • Cris' mother was a Geography/Geology teacher and she had a great library of climbing and travel books. From age 5 onwards Cris read everything in her library about mountain exploration in the Himalayas, conquering the Poles, expeditions to exotic lands and people. Cris would often daydream of becoming an adventurer when he grew up.
  • Cris was practically born with a camera in his hand. When he was 12 his father knew he was ready for the "real thing", and gave him a very nice camera as a birthday present. Cris never let go of it (or its successor photo and video cameras). His present career is an outgrowth of this love for photography, mountain exploration and adventure.

Middle Ground

  • Prior to 2001 Cris hiked, climbed and photographed countless 10,000 ft (3,000 m ) or less peaks in the US, Europe, Hawaii and Asia. His main focus was simply enjoying the mountains, building endurance, skills and photographing.


  • Since 2001 his focus has shifted to climbing higher and more technical routes every year.
  • 2002: Mt. Batur and Mt. Agung (volcanoes) in Bali, Indonesia.
  • 2003: Mt. Kinabalu 13,454 ft (4,101 m) in Malaysia. Mt. Kenya 16,354 ft (4,985 m) in Kenya. Mt. Kilimanjaro 19,340 ft (5,895 m) (highest peak in Africa) in Tanzania.
  • 2004: Mountaineering course with Alpine Ascents International (rock-ice-snow, rescue). Mont Blanc 15,770 ft (4,807 m) (highest peak in Western Europe) - did not summit because of avalanches. His group turned back and lived, another group continued up and died. World news in June 2004. Gran Paradiso 13,323 ft (4,061 m) (highest peak in Italy).
  • 2005: Raphu La Col 21,482 ft (6,548 m) in Himalaya, Tibet. Lhakpa Ri 23,113 ft (7,045 m) in Himalaya, Tibet - did not summit because of avalanche danger. Everest North Col up to approx. 22,309+ ft (6,800+ m) - just a couple of camps short of Everest. The group was not properly equipped and permitted to attempt Everest at that time.
  • 2006: Mt. Mustagata 24,757 ft (7,546 m) in Himalaya, China. Mt. Spantik 23,054 ft (7,027 m) in Himalaya, Pakistan - 50 m short of the summit because the guides took the wrong approach and ran out of rope and ice screws.


  • To continue climbing higher and more difficult routes every year, while expanding his skills as a videographer:
    • Climbing fun routes on every continent, leading to summitting the highest summit on that continent (thus achieving "The 7 Summits goal).
    • Summitting Everest (one of the 7).
    • See how many of the 14 8,000+ m peaks he can climb (K2 deserves special mention).
    • Organizing expeditions to and climbing a few "never-climbed-before peaks (yes, there are a few left).

Other Interests

  • Cris loves not only the high "+ (plus) altitudes, but also the high "-" (minus) altitudes. Such as in "Underwater Exploration. He is a Master Scuba Diver, with many ratings and certifications and thousands of dives in the oceans of the world. Perhaps the subject of another web site.