The Expedition to Climb Mustagata - Day 19

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On nice weather it is a beautiful, peaceful, long, steady walk. For most of the climb there are no visual reference points so in low visibility (or whiteout) you are pretty much up the creek without a paddle. As you get closer tothe summit you begin to see the rocks and your heart jumps, you think you've made it. But no, that is the "false summit". From that point to the summit there are about 2 more hours for those walking, those on skis will take less time. To get to the summit you must cross first what appears to be the caldera of a huge crater. Then you see a few rocks on the edge of the crater, opposite the side you came from. The view you get from the summit is the other side of the mountain, not the side you climbed. And what a view that is: a couple hundred miles in all directions. Endless peaks, all the way into Pakistan!