The Expedition to Climb Mustagata

A video diary of the journey

Days 1-8Days 9-16Days 17-24

Expedition Day 9
A day of rest at base camp (4,500 m). We're reading, eating and resting. It's 130° in the shade so we try to stay out of the sun.
Expedition Day 10
Today we trekked from base camp to Camp One (5,350 m). Alan falls into a crevasse and describes his experience. Roger is still not feeling well and decides to leave the expedition.
Expedition Day 11
Today was a touch journey from Camp One to Camp Two and back to Camp One. Weather was not ideal, it really got cold. Alan left the expedition.
Expedition Day 12
Just a scene of me eating in the tent. This video is only here for continuity. Skip it, you won't miss anything. On a positive note, its starting to get colder.
Expedition Day 13
A snow storm hits. It's freezing, very windy, so windy I'm worried the tent will blow away. Can't leave the tent. Even so, I attempt to make it to Camp Two.
Expedition Day 14
I recovered my gear and left it at Camp Two then returned to Camp One. It was very windy again last night, hard to sleep.
Expedition Day 15
I'm supposed to rest today, but instead I try for Camp Two, I really want to summit. Weather is still very cold and windy...I'm forced to return to Camo One.
Expedition Day 16
Weather breaks today. Its cold and the wind is light, perfect day to try for Camp two.