Mountain Climbing to the Summit of Mustagata

Cris Coban, an amateur videographer and mountain climber takes us on his expedition to summit Mount Mustagata.

Sample Video

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Mountain Climbing Videos

The highlight of this site are Cris' mountain climbing videos depicting his experience. They begin with his arrival in Kashgar where he meets the other mountain climbers who will join him on the expedition. While there he shows us the city and culture of this interesting region. Then we're along for the ride to base camp and we see the vastness of the Mountain for the first time. Next we're with the mountain climbers as they overcome adversity on their way to the summit. Needless to say, climbing a mountain like Mustagata is tough both mentally and physically. Some members of the expedition suffer serious injuries and sickness during their mountain climbing attempts. Finally Cris takes along on the rapid descent and disassembly of the camps that kept him and the other mountain climbers alive during the 24 day ordeal.

Mustagata, The Mountain

Mount Mustagata is a massive rock, stuck in the middle of an arid desert, that creates its own wicked weather. At the higher camps the weather is well below 0° while at the base is the baking hot desert. Truly a unique mountain and a great stepping stone for mountain climbers on their way to Everest and the Himalayas.

Mountain Climbing Gear

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Cris Coban, Mountain Climber

See Cris' bio and past mountain climbing experience. This is a great way to compare your training and experience to his.

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